Lighting can change the atmosphere much more than some people would think. That’s why it’s important to know the difference between indoor and outdoor lighting. What’s different when you’re providing lighting to your kitchen vs your patio?

  An important thing to note first is that not all lightbulbs are as versatile as you may think. You should always check your lightbulbs before using them outside. Some lightbulbs can’t withstand the temperatures outside as well as they can inside. LED lights, floodlights, and fluorescent lights are safe to use both indoors and outdoors, however, you should always check before using them. If the lightbulbs are suitable for wet locations and high temperatures, then they’ll be safe to use outdoors. As for outdoor lighting, it’s more than withstandable to use inside. Taklamper

  Best Outdoor Lighting Choices

  Lanterns, floor lights, and LED string lights are likely your best choice for outdoor lighting for places such as your patio or backyard. Accent lighting works great when illuminating a specific area that’s outdoors. This will provide plenty of safe and warm lighting for a place such as the outdoors. Warmer lights work best for an outdoor atmosphere as well. 

  Best Indoor Lighting Choices

  Chandeliers, ceiling-mounted lights, and wall-mounted lights are the best choice for indoors. It’s best to go with a light that will illuminate an indoor area entirely instead of small accent lights. Softer white lights work much better indoors than warm lights. 

  Lighting choices are much more important than people may think. As for indoor and outdoor lighting, it is important to distinguish the difference between the two and what you’ll need for both. Understanding the safety measures and the atmosphere of both will help you to make your lighting choices even better.