Information About Tobacco

Rolling tobacco, also known as shag, is the tobacco that is used in making homemade cigarettes. But since tobacco is cultivated like other agriculture products, your cheap tobacco could be from your back yard, freshly ground and duty free or you can buy tobacco online. Tobacco used for rolling can either normally grown tobacco or the organic tobacco. Online sources of information are available on the different types of rolling tobacco: halfzware and zware, Turkish blend, American shag, light blends. If youre feeling creative you can also experiment with a blend of your own.

The methods of curing tobacco depend on the intended use of the tobacco (Online information is also available on these methods). Rolling tobacco is either air-cured or flue-cured. Curing the tobacco removes the bad smell and enables chemical reactions to take place that gives the tobacco its smoking quality. When air-curing tobacco, the tobacco is hung in ventilated cardboard boxes for some weeks, the tobacco is light and has high nicotine content. Flue-cured tobacco is where the tobacco is heated without exposing it to smoke and direct flame. You can buy all types of tobacco like Swedish tobacco.

The temperature is raised slowly over time and this process will take about a week with Snushjem. Not only is this process cheap, tobacco cured through these natural methods is of very good quality.

After curing the tobacco, the leaves should be de-ribbed, this means removing the midrib and any other ribs. The leaves are then cut into small pieces or shredded.

This tobacco is now ready for rolling. It can either be used or stored for future use. Some people prefer further grinding the shredded leaves to smaller pieces. The ground and moist tobacco should be kept in airtight containers to keep them from drying up. It is difficult to roll tobacco if it is not properly moist. You can also keep them in plastic bags. If the tobacco starts to dry up when in storage, a moist cloth can be put in the container to keep the tobacco moist.

Rolling paper and filters can be bout at drug stores or convenience stores and they are very cheap. Tobacco fans have a wide variety to pick from depending on their own preferences. There sources of information on tobacco online where you can check up the types of rolling paper that best suits you. When deciding the type of rolling material to use, keep away from colored and printed paper and ensure that it is chlorine free.

The rolling paper usually has a glue strip for sealing the roll of tobacco. When rolling your tobacco, take a filter paper and curve it into a half pipe. Arrange your tobacco along the length of the paper. Insert a filter on one end, and carefully wrap the paper into a pipe. Always ensure that the tobacco you buy has tobacco tax.

Rolling your own tobacco is a process that so cheap. Tobacco can be enjoyed at very reasonable costs through hand-rolling. Dont waste any more valuable time and money, start rolling your own cheap tobacco today.