Duty Free Tobacco

The duty that is imposed on tobacco depends on the purpose for which the tobacco product is grown and the amount of duty also denotes whether the product will be cheap. Tobacco that is home grown for personal consumption is exempted from duties hence it is duty free.

Tobacco products subject to these costs are expensive since these products have to be sold at a price to match the productions costs, taxes and duty imposed and profit margins. This is why processed products of tobacco especially those that are imported often have high retail prices that are sometimes unreasonable.

Quality is also to be considered when deciding to home-grown tobacco. Online sources of tobacco do not always guarantee quality of what you buy. Most people think with the notion that the higher the price, the better the quality. However, you can grow your own high quality and cheap tobacco. All you need is to find a good strain of quality tobacco seed and ensure that good conditions for growth are met and within a few weeks and you get your quality worth of tobacco. Online dealers also offer tobacco seeds at reasonable prices.

In general, duty poses great constraints in terms of prices paid for tobacco and its products. Any legible source of duty free tobacco is worth checking out but growing your own is the best way to get quality, cheap and duty free. Tobacco growing maybe a bit controversial to some but its a product only enjoyed by those who have learnt the advantages of home growing.