Tobacco Products

Tobacco was first used by the people native to North and South America. For years, the Native Americans and Incas had been smoking fine tobacco for hundreds of years before anyone else. Although uncured, it did the job. Native americans used the stuff in their peace pipes, and the Incas smoked green tobacco out of stone pipes. They felt it had spiritual and magical properties, and was smoked by the Gods.

In the late 1400s, the Spaniards landed near South America and found that the natives were smoking tobacco that had been rolled up into a kind of cone. Through this cone, they smoked their tobacco. The tobacco plant was brought back to Spain, where the wealthy would grow it in their orchards. “Cigarrel” can mean “Orchard” in spanish, and it is said that “Cigar” simply evolved from “Cigarrel”.

Early tobacco was not cured properly and thus was very harsh. As time went on, people found that allowing the tobacco to ferment helped smooth out the flavor. This process involved letting the tobacco dry out, and then setting it in a sort of compost pile. The temperatures in this pile reached well past 100 degrees, which just happens to be the perfect temperature for fermenting tobacco.